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Practice Areas - Wrongful Death

When  a person is killed in an accident due to negligence,  a wrongful death suit is filed. Suit is generally brought on behalf of the estate of the deceased,  for the benefit of the heirs to the estate. A "personal representative" must be appointed by the court to initiate a wrongful death suit. The heirs are those who receive the distribution from the deceased's estate.

The most devastating wrongful death claims are for a loss of a spouse, or a child. Both involve tremendous emotional pain and/or  the potential loss of a family breadwinner. Either of these events can forever change the survivor's life. A spouse, parent, or child has a separate claim for their emotional pain and suffering, independent of the loss to the estate.This is called a "loss of consortium".

The negligent party can be held responsible for all damages, including pain and suffering before death, medical and funeral expenses, and loss of income to the estate.

A few of the Washington statutes (laws written by the state legislature)  pertaining to wrongful death claims (also called survival of actions) can be reviewed by clicking the link below.


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