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Practice Areas - Insurance Bad Faith

You're in "GOOD HANDS" with Allstate?   State Farm, the "GOOD NEIGHBOR?"......NOT SO.

Insurance is supposed to protect us, when we are most vulnerable. Insurance companies gladly take our money, so why do they sometimes treat people like criminals when it is time for them to live up to their obligations?

Insurance bad faith comes in many forms- making unfair offers to settle a property damage claim on a car, an unreasonable delay in payment of a medical bill, a denial of a legitimate claim, and myriad other reasons. All have one thing in common-you are not getting what you paid for, and the insurance company makes more money.

The Inurance Fair Claims Act   http://app.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=48.30.015   is a law which requires insurance companies to treat you fairly from the beginning.  If you are a first party insured, meaning you have a contract for specific benefits (such as PIP or UIM coverage), and your insurance company does not treat you fairly, there are remedies which will make it easier to get your company to do the right thing.



Under the IFCA, your insurance company can be ordered to

1. Give you the benefits you  paid for;

2. Pay you treble (triple) damages; and

3. Pay your attorney's fees.

Don't let your insurance company get away with treating you in bad faith.

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