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Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are  the most common cause of serious injuries in the country. An automobile accident occurs every five seconds. 33,880  people died in auto accidents in the USA in 2009. While this is a decrease from 2008, it is still a tremendous death toll.

An auto accident can turn your life inside out. The injuries and disruption to your life may prevent you from working, spending time with your family, affect your sleep and ability to enjoy life. Recovery can take a long time and medical expenses can add up quickly, reaching tens of thousands of dollars. What often follows are harassing calls from medical providers, collection agencies, and even lawsuits. 

It is very difficult to handle a claim involving significant injuries without an attorney. The insurance claim process, and the legal issues are complicated and stressful. On average, a victim of personal injuries will receive three times more compensation with an attorney, than a person who tries to handle the case without an attorney.  No matter which attorney you hire, you will be better off with an attorney than trying to handle the case yourself.

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