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50 Million Dollar Verdict in Wrongful Birth Case

12-10-13   A King County Jury awarded 50 million dollars to a couple whose son was born with severe genetic defects, after the couple had been told by Valley Medical Center and a genetic counseling service their unborn child did not carry the gene which ran in their families. The boy will require a lifetime of 24 hour care. This is the largest verdict for damages to individuals in Washington state history.


Man dies of Known Food Allergies at Snohomish County Jail

A young man who was in jail for a  mararijuana offense, who had questioned the food he was given for breakfast, has died. His family is making a $10,000,000 claim against the county.


Court Orders King County to Pay Additional Money to Assault Victim

11-21-12 A victim of police misconduct who was left permenently disabled by a deputy will recieve an additional 1.17 milliion dollars due to King County's failure to disclose important documents during trial.


King County settles case involving Deputies who pushed man into wall, causing brain damage, for $10,000,000, during trial

1-25-11 A man who suffered catastrophic brain injuries after being chased by King County deputies, who mistakenly thought he was involved in an earlier altercation in Seattle, will receive $10,000,000 from King County. The man was pushed into a wall outside a theater by a deputy dressed in black "tactical" clothes and there was disputed testimony over whether the deputies properly identified themselves as police officers. The plaintiff will need around the clock care for the rest of his life.  Attorney Sim Osborn filed suit against King County and the trial was being held in Pierce County Superior Court, to avoid a conflict of interest. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2014031804_settlement26m...

Jury Awards 30 Million Dollars to Man Paralyzed in I-405 Rear End Accident

10-21-10    A jury awarded a paralyzed 30 year old man 30 million dollars as a result of a rear-end accident on an I-405 onramp. The Plaintiff's attorneys alleged the onramp was negligently designed because  the metered lane came up after an abrupt turn, and was poorly lit. The injured man was struck by a painting company truck, and the jury found the painting company 60% responsible and the state was 40% responsible. The verdict will be appealed. Read the article in the Seattle Times by clicking the link below.http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/local news/2013204780_verdict20m.html

Firefighter's 12.75 Million Dollar Verdict upheld by judge-Defendant wanted verdict thrown out alleging fraud


A King County Superior Court Judge refused to throw out a jury verdict of 12.75 million dollars after the City of Seattle hired a private investigator to follow the firefighter around and videotape him after the jury trial. The City of Seattle argued the firefighter committed fraud when he testified about his injuries, but the Plaintiff's attorney successfully argued that the excerpts of the firefighter on vacation after the trial were cherry picked and misleading and "beyond the pale".

Read the article by clicking the link below:


Mandatory Arbitration is a "trial" for purposes of determining an award of attorney's fees under RCW 4.84.290

10-4-10        The case of Williams vs. Tilage is an interesting case, unpublished however,  in which the issue on appeal  was whether the Plaintiff was entitled to reasonable attorney's fees under RCW 4.84.290. That statute provides that when a party makes a settlement offer in a case in which the disputed amount does not exceed $10,000, and makes the offer at least 10 days before trial, the "prevailing party (the one whose settlement offer was met or exceeded by the arbitration award) can receive reasonable attorney's fees in addition to the award itself.  In this case, the Plaintiff did not make an offer of settlement per RCW 4.84.290 before the arbitration, but did so before the trial DeNovo (the trial following the arbitration). The Court of Appeals, Div. 1, held the arbitration was in fact the "trial" under the statute. Read the case by clicking the link below:

Insurance Company must include Sales Tax in Valuation of Damaged Property


The case of Holden vs. Farmers Insurance is an  important case for those who have suffered damage to personal property. In this case, the insureds made a claim for damage from a fire, under a Renter's Policy (similar to a homeowner's policy). Farmers Insurance was obligated to pay the "actual cash value" of the property, in this case a sofa, which was destroyed in the fire. Farmers agreed to pay only the purchase cost, but not the sales tax, unless the insured actually replaced the sofa. The insured could not afford to replace the sofa, so Farmers would not include the sales tax. The Supreme Court ruled that the sales tax should be included in the "actual cash value" regardless of whether the sofa was replaced. It seems like a small issue to take to the Supreme Court, but the ruling will have long term consequences for Farmers Insurance, and other policyholders in similar circumstances. Read the case by clicking the link below.