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Darren Brown

Dan met me in the hospital after a serious accident on I-5 when the driver of the car I was riding in as a passenger rear ended a stalled van in the HOV lanes. I  broke both of my legs, suffered internal injuries,  and my own car insurance  (PIP)   didn't even pay for my medical expenses.

The driver of the car I was riding in had no insurance, and I thought my case was hopeless. I had no uninsured motorist coverage.

However, Dan Pope found a way to successfully bring a case against the driver of the vehicle which had stalled in front of us on Interstate 5, by proving he had negligently maintained his vehicle, causing it to break down. In less than a year obtained a six-figure settlement which paid off all of my medical expenses and allowed me to start my own bike  business. I can’t thank him enough!


--Darren Brown,

Issaquah, WA