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Understands how the system works

Practice Areas - Auto Accidents

The majority of my law practice involves automobile accidents.

I worked for State Farm Insurance for about 3 years (1988-1991).  I know how insurance companies work. I know how their lawyers work.

For over 20 years, I have been working for people who have been injured in automobile accidents instead of defending those who caused the injuries. In this business, there is no substitute for experience.

I generally work on a "contingent fee" basis, meaning I only get paid when the client gets paid.  As such, there is no risk of incurring attorney's fees, no matter what the result. Of course  I take cases with the intention of winning.

Some cases are simple and can settle out of court in a short time. Others can be very complicated and take a year or more. While a claim is pending, I can assist you getting your bills paid, help you find doctors and therapists, and keep the insurance company from harassing you.

Insurance Bad Faith is becoming very common, and very often insurance companies will treat policyholders like criminals when a claim is made. Your own company may prolong payment of a medical bill,  make a lowball offer on your car, or deny a legitimate claim altogether. Not only will I ensure your insurance company treats you fairly, but I will file suit if necessary to make sure you get the benefits you paid for. See more information on Insurance Bad Faith

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